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The angel Gabriel
If someone ever told me the Angel Gabriel will come to you I would have said they were crazy.  That is exactly what happened to me.  I was at the worse stage in my life.  I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was very ill.  I had gained weight, had depression, fought with my husband all the time, and really had no will to live.
One night I went to bed and couldn't sleep well.  I was very sad and had been crying off and on all night.  I finally slept.  When I slept it was like I was awake.  I dreamed a bright light was in my room.  Over my body hovering was the Angel Gabriel.  He was very bright with white and a golden glow.  He had longer blonde glowing hair and his eyes saw through me with golden orbs.
He looked at me and told me I have to change and he would heal me.  He told me only God can judge you no one else.  Your life begins now. His wings were spread and a light glowed from them.  He was the most beautiful vision I have ever seen.  He had a glowing sword and said to fear nothing from dark entities or negative things in my life.  He said he would destroy anything that passed my path.
The next day I was dazed all day.  MY eyes hurt and I wore sunglasses in the house.  I was blinded by angelic light and my eyes hurt. I couldn't fully comprehend the Gabriel visit.  It took me three days to absorb what happened to me. My body felt no pain.  My depression was gone.  I had no anger or hatred of people that hurt me in the past.  I had given all that baggage up.
Over the next two months my perspective on life has totally changed.  I am a more positive person.  The weight has come off of me.  I have lost 28 pounds.  I get along better with people.  Many others I have given up because they were not good in my life.
I purchased a Gabriel medallion from this site.  I wear it everyday to reming me of Gabriel's visit.  I am tryuly blessed with a miracle.  The miracle of change which few receive. Now my life begins and I am reborn. In the Christian religian it is called being reborn.  In the Native American religion my animal totem has changed from the horse to the hawk.  Now I fly free like the bird and have the eyes of the hawk.  I can see through negativity and lies.
Don't ever let people tell you there are no angels.  They are very real and are among us all the time.
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Comment #1 by Laura on January 08, 2011
Thanks for the comments. Gabriel I feel is not a woman or a man. Angels are just children of God. They are the messengers for the Almighty. I am truly blessed to have had Gabriel in my life. Marlene, Bethea told me also that Gabriel was watching over me at my time of birth also. I got this from her email a few months before Gabriel's blessed visit. At that time I knew nothing about angels or their powers.

Negativity surrounds us all everyday. It is hard to even be around others sometimes for me. now I call upon Gabriel's white light and ask God for the positive and good things in life.

God bless you all and I hope the messages of the higher Spirit and angels reaches you also.
Comment #2 by Gilles on September 18, 2010
Merci pour ce message; je vais le partager avec ma Filles TANYA! Merci.
Comment #3 by shelia on September 13, 2010
one day when i was picking my youngest daughter up from school. i picked her up and we were heading into town and i was in the passing lane because i was going to turn at the light. there was alot of traffic. something told me to slow down and stay back from the cars in front of me. i did and just a few seconds after that cars were putting on there brakes hard and going to the meduim. just as i did. if that voice as clear as a bell hadn't told me to slow down we would have crashed. i know that me and my family have angels watching over us. with each of my children something has proven it in someway. god always takes care of us every second and everyday
Comment #4 by Ethlene on August 27, 2010
I believe!
Comment #5 by Rhona on July 23, 2010
sorry, i typed wrong, its rhona again, i meant i thought Gabrielle was a female.
Comment #6 by Rhona on July 23, 2010
hi, its rhona, beautiful story, i heard Garielle was a female? i dont know now.
Comment #7 by Veronica on June 21, 2010
I so much i love betha she gave my life and i believe it is truth and powerful will come happen to me it already real. i everyday i woke up will happen to me and it beautiful story too and don't lose and i will winner.
Comment #8 by Charles on June 19, 2010
Yes they are real, and you are blessed to know this!
Comment #9 by Marlene on June 17, 2010
I have the same angel that you do, And every morning and everynight I ask God to surround me with the white light and the Holy spirt though my savior Jesus, I feel closer to God then ever and I am 75 , My birthday
is August 2 1935 and was told by Beathea that is my angel also God bLess You and thank God everyday
Comment #10 by mary on June 17, 2010
such a beautiful story now everyone needs to believe because there are ANGEL'S!!!!!!!!

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