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God please help me and help me to help my children
By Vera Lorraine Scott i also use the name Tauira on September 13, 2011
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Dear God, I ask you to help me to get out of the bad situation i am in at the moment. I have become a silly fool and have lost my way. I ask you God to help me get my life back on track and help me with my money problems. I have got a car that needs to be fixed and have not enough money to do so. I have rent I owe Power and a lot of other debts that i would love to pay. I also ask that you help me to help my children please god help me and my children.My daughter needs extra money she always helps others and now she needs help to pay her bills my son needs money as well, He has a new baby plus other kids and he needs to provide for them please God help me to help them and myself please I beg of you Holy Lord Blessed father please help me to get enough money to pay my bills and help my children God I ask this in your name Dear God and hope you hear my prayers and help me please. thank you god thank you god thank you god thank you i love you and hope you answer my prayers. 
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