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I Love And Thank You Dear Lord! But I've messed up.
By Denise on February 08, 2010
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Thank you for the beautiful afternoon with my family yesterday Dear Lord.  Thank you for the awesome dinner, and the laughter we shared.  Even though I could have shared my problems with them, I choose not to out of embarassment, and therefor, could not recieve their blessings.  Now I've missed the opportunity for their help. I am so broken and sick this morning, I feel so lost and angry with myself that I am failing my Son, and his needs are so great right now. Will you please guide me today...I don't no what to do.  I don't know how I can provide.  You know I am two payments late on everything, and now I can't answer my phone, because its the nasty collectors.  Nothing short of a miracle will help me at this point.  Please, Dear Sweet Lord.  I need you so bad today.  I awoke this morning realizing that today is going to be the toughest day yet. I don't know how I can deal with this.  I've let everything get out of hand, and as badly as I feel about that, I will shamefully ask you fro your help.  I am so grateful, and I am sorry I've let this happen. It would be ok if it was just me, but my Son Nigel needs so much love and help right now...and I feel like I have tottally failed.  Thank you Dear Lord, and thank you friends.  Blessings to all.   Love and Peace from Denise
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Comment #1 by Matthew on February 14, 2010
God Bless you Denise. And may all your bills be paid in full. May God guide you to fulfill all your needs, for you and your son. Amen
Comment #2 by Forgalina on February 14, 2010

Comment #3 by MADELINE on February 12, 2010
Denise don't lose faith you are going to outcome all this and try reading the poem of footprints and you will notice that in this tough time you are not alone God is carrying you and keeping you secure, share with your family and you will see how much you are loved. Don't give up and your dreams shall come true.
Comment #4 by valkyrieangel on February 09, 2010
Trust in god he will find a way, this I know. but may be you need to learn to relinquish your pride, if it harms what good is it, surrender all and ask you will feel better and that may be the way god is trying to send you help. Also pray to the infant of prague and st anthony and st jude, they can achieve the impossible. I have been where you are so many times. It is not pride or strength of character or value that stops you nothing can take this away. It is that of self and mother learn how to step over this and do what is needed and god will carry you, he never asks us for more than we are able, no matter how hard it seems. God bless give it all to him and breathe.
Comment #5 by Gillian on February 09, 2010
Here where I live we help one another no matter what you have done go cap in hand as we say here,ask your family for help and then pay back your debt`s by finding a job,it is called swallowing your pride you will be a better person for it,it will be a learning curve,and to that fool called rolf there is a God and he will have to look harder to find and for your language rolf its disgusting wash your mouth out Nana H Wales Gt Britain .
Comment #6 by kimberly on February 08, 2010
Dear Denise my first response is pray and tell God exactly what is needed.Then reach out to your family and tell them ,ask them for help.The worse they can say is no . People are more willing to help then you know.I know about pride but it is a quality not of God.Swallow it,ask for public assistance foodstamps,help with electric and water bills they will also help you with medical because you have a child under 18.There are a lot of organizations that will help mothers.

Please swallow your pride it won't pay the rent or feed you and your son.I tell you this because of my own pride.I have been unemployed for 10 months since my son is grown I do not qualify for any assistants,but I thank God above for my unemployment check.You can do this Denise it is not a hand out it is a hand up to get yu on your feet.God Bless you and I will be praying for you.

Comment #7 by Denise on February 08, 2010
Thank you BONNIE. Was that not just Weird?? And thank you Sandy and Charlene...I love you guys, and thank you for your very kind thoughts, prayers and blessings. Love and peace from Denise
Comment #8 by Denise on February 08, 2010
WOW!! Thank you ROFL! There is more to my story than YOU KNOW! My GOD does exist...and he WILL help me. I, in the meantime, will pray very hard for YOUR mean spirit. I will pray that he fills you with the guidance you obviously need. I trust that Satan will soon let his hold on you go, and that you will become a beautiful deserving person. I am sorry for whatever has happened in your life, for you to have become this way. Blessing to you ROFL. You did not make me cry.
Comment #9 by bonni on February 08, 2010
Our GOD does exist, Rofl, you are an ignorant person. And the day will come when you will see the error of your ways!! Denise keep praying and talk to all of the debt collectors to work out something to get you back on track. Keep the faith. In Jesus name Amen.
Comment #10 by rofl on February 08, 2010
seeing as your "god" doesn't exist i find it hard to believe that this imaginary being will save your ignorant ass from debt that you yourself made. how about not being ignorant and possibly just fucking get a job
Comment #11 by CHARLENE on February 08, 2010
denise you and nigel my sister are in my prayer my sister with all my love i prayer your prayers will be answered in jesus anme amne your sister in christ always remember charlene
Comment #12 by Sandy on February 08, 2010
Denise, for Nigel's sake swallow your pride and ask your family for help if you can. Dear Lord, please help Denise with her needs and help her help herself if she can, in Jesus Name AMEN

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