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please lord help me to make the right decision
By cornelia on August 08, 2009
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dear lord jesus please help me to make the right decision ,it is eating me up my lord, and i have to do it the right way, i dont know how show me what do i have to do, so i do the right thing .
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Comment #1 by cornelia on August 09, 2009
thank you gina but thats not what it is it is somthing ihave to make it right but thanks for your comment amen
Comment #2 by cornelia on August 09, 2009
thank you gina but thats not what it is it is somthing ihave to make it right but thanks for your comment amen
Comment #3 by GINA on August 08, 2009
I think you already know what the right thing is to do. Emotions are what is stopping you. You should read your Bible (New Testament section) and you will know. Jesus was here to give examples of what people should do in regard to life decisions. You may love someone but you know the relationship itself is wrong, if that is the case you have to cut it off. If she/he is married you have to stop seeing them until or unless they divorce. People are often afraid to lose their job, status, home, losing one's dignity and character is worse. You yourself may be married but are in a loveless relationship with your spouse and you found someone else who you love, but what can you do? Let go the spouse, but do it with dignity, divorce pay the price financially and otherwise and then be available for the other one. If there are children involved you would have to be a part time father to them. Is this other person worth that? If it is your love interest who is unavailable, then she must ask for divorce if she is married and then you two can be together. The cruelest of all is to love someone who is unavailable. Ultimately you have to live with yourself and your decisions. You cannot be happy living a lie. Sneaking around has no dignity and is wrong. Either take the actions to be available to the one you think you love and want or stay miserable in the life you have right now. Every time this has come up in my life it always ends badly; I have thus realized if it comes up again, I will say, yes I love you, but I will not live without dignity. Either get a divorce or there is no us and if he gets divorced he must remain by himself for 6 months just to be sure he knows what he wants. You cannot jump from one relationship into another without emotionally resolving the loss of the first one.

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