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Thank you Manidoo. I truly appreciate your prayers and support. May the many blessings be returned. – Shirl
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pray a prayer for financial windfall for me /lite candles
By velma on January 02, 2011
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HELP im desperate i need extra money and I THANK YOU LORD for all you are doing in my life. i need to help my daughter and her husband that lives in arkansas. please remember strongly in your prayers that i make good decisions in 2011.JESUS i give you all my troubles and i will let things be done on your time as your will be done. i do give you all the GLORY and THANKS. and lets pray that we all have  a good year.AMEN
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Dear Lord,bla&Wwhwassstt,blmwssttlbteafmawtdagssfmieakumftpasieuwouap,blmwltamtd,raebogtmamlos,TU,GB 03/26 5:34 AM
Dear Lord,blmawwsastrhsarbh,buwnbhieitwbtbestfu,blmwdcctmraowflhwmf,bmwh&aedpsTU,GB,Amen 03/24 7:59 AM
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Dear Lord,brdbshbabhawbsddiacfnttlfsi&dnevsaspolielesslft,plremallobstaenfrourptouenlesshwdamledfms! 03/19 9:13 PM

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